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At ShadeMate we believe that creating a comfortable environment should not be a luxury that only a few can afford. You should have access to affordable and practical solutions that can help you block out the sun and heat. Our mission is to make your room cooler, more comfortable, and enjoyable. Scroll down to learn more about ShadeMate.

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| How it works

Install in a few steps

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Measure the size of your window frame

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Cut the ShadeMate to the right size

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Clean the frame of the window

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Stick the ShadeMate on the frame

| Be ready for the summer

ShadeMate Product


The ShadeMate provides an easy-to-install solution for blocking sunlight and UV rays, reducing indoor heat.

  • Easy to install
  • Can be cut to size
  • The size is about 3.00 x 1.45 m
  • The back has a reflective coating
  • Comes in a bag with velcro and stickers

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